About Us


family Fun since 1999

Our story began in 1999 when Loretta Duncan decided to design a corn maze for fun – she used numbered graph paper and a pencil to draw the very first corn maze and then instructed 15 friends and family members to stand throughout the corn maze with little orange flags so she knew where to cut the paths. 

Designing the maze has progressed since then, Loretta now uses a GPS system where she uploads her designs and then can completely cut the design on her own, using simply a computer and her lawn mower. Loretta is always happy to talk about how she makes the corn maze, so feel free to ask her questions when you visit us at the maze this year! 

Throughout the past two years, DJ has been hosting campers on the farm through the use of HipCamp. HipCamp is similar to Airbnb for campers, and people have had the opportunity to explore the farm and enjoy the country throughout the corn maze’s off season. 

As a family, our goal is to share the farm experience and provide education on dairy farming to as many people as possible.

Ready for Some Fall Farm Fun?


Yes, we take both cash and credit card. 


Yes, we have a pumpkin patch and it is pick your own. 

You may enter the maze up to 9pm. Our courtyard closes at 9pm.